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adj. The act of being waaaay to reliant upon one's homies, constantly expecting them to kick down whatever they may have. Be it weed, a product from the place they work (Free shit from Burger King), anything they are eating, money to pay bills, etc.
"Dude, Mike is always broke but he gets kicked down food from Matt who works at McDonalds, Jim who grows his own bud and beers from Kevin @ the brewery."

"I know, he's totally too bro-dependent."
by Classic Criminal May 04, 2009
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The converse of beng co-dependent with your significant other. One who is brodependent is able to maintain a relationship with a boyfriend/girlfriend while still making his bros a priority.
"Joseph is great about hanging out with his friends even though he has a new girlfriend"

"I know dude- he's totally staying brodependent"
by Mr.Jensen May 07, 2013
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