Brovo is an acronym for big ass. Its like saying badonkadonk, it just sounds cooler. When a girl has a big, nice looking ass, we call that brovo.
1) Damn, that female got major brovo.

2) Hey Vida, let me feel up on your brovo.
by Hugoboss January 26, 2007
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The fuckboys of Provo. Usually attend Brigham Young University, obsessed with working out, making out with fellow BYU Co-Eds, and spend their entire summers making "loads of money" selling pesticide, solar panels, or alarm systems. They use their money, righteousness status and sexism to try and shame girls into dating them. See the Instagram account "ProvoGuysAmIRight" for examples.
He spent all summer in California working out, scoping out Singles Wards and Selling Alarm systems. He's a total brovo.
by MSprak August 28, 2017
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