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Players substitute in the word "bro" in appropriate places (where there is the "o" sound, usually). Score points each time the word is used without the target noticing. Very similar to the cat game.

Players can also just play among themselves to try to show off their skill at using "bro" in the most appropriate places.
Guy: So how's it going at work?
Bro Game Player: You wouldn't believe this! I was supposed to meet with the C-E-Bro of the company to get a bromotion, but there was broad work on the way to work... So I missed my meeting. But I'm broing to try and reschedule.
Guy: *wonders if hearing is OK*

Bro Game Player #1: Let's head down to the cafeteria, they're serving macabroni and cheese today.
Bro Game Player #2: I'm not that hungry, I'll probably just stick with brogurt.
by Brohan Santana November 02, 2008
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Brogame is a company used by cheaters to purchase gold, reputation, Items etc... For MMORPG's.

People that have used Brogame report they dont provide the services they advertise and rip you off resulting in account bans due to farming one area for days until a ban is incurred!!

wowaddict: dude I need get level 80 for ulduar!

Idiot: buy powerlevel from brogame.

wowaddict: NO dude they just farm eternal fires and get you banned in a matter of days!!!!!
by 2050rogue May 16, 2009
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Usually referred to
Halo 2-4 (HeyBro 4 )
Call of Duty (Bro of Duty)
Modern Warfare (Modern Brofare)
Or any online shooting game where one or more Bros can get on a complain about camping or not getting a kill due to hacking or some other tactic of playing
Guy one: So any good RPGs out

Guy two: There are no other games then Call of Duty I will own you just dont be a camping N00b
Guy one: ahh so you love those Brogames I guess i wont see you for a week right
by McSnorlax July 07, 2012
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