Briyana is someone who is determined to make things right. She never gives up and has a loving heart. She is a odd, unique person with a personality like no other.
Briyana you have a beautiful personality.
by Odd2020 January 08, 2017
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Is the most prettiest loyal girl you will meet she may not show it lot but she is and that's a fact when she's upset its best to give her some space unless you want to deal with that attitude of hers also she can be a bit shy but when she has to say something she"ll will say it no matter what
Ex 1: dang man I wish I had a girl as loyal as Briyana
Ex 2: person1: hey is Briyana okay?
Person2:Yeah she's just upset. Person1: I'm gonna make she's alright .
Perosn2: If I were you I wouldn't because she can be a bitch when she's upset
Person1:um okay then
by Vibewit.geo December 21, 2017
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