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Figurative way of describing someone who is always very serious and keeps their stern and proper composure, they will never try to have fun and will take every single rule very seriously.
Me at 10:03pm: Yo let’s go chill at the pool area it’s a really nice night here in Miami

My friend: hello we would like to go to the pool area

Front desk: no sir pool area closed at 10:00

My friend: please, we just wanna chill for a bit

Front desk: no sir pool area closes at 10:00

My friend: oh but it’s such a beautiful night we won’t be there for long cmon I’m with my friends

Front Desk: no sir pool closed at 10:00

My friend: ah ok buddy well I see you just gotta do your job all serious and keep your serious composure like a British Soldier.
by Jarjarsito November 20, 2020
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