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1. Someone usually of ethnic origin whom had emigrated to the united kingdom to call themselves british.
Britain is made up of England, Ireland, Scotland and unfortunately wale's.
if u ask a an Irishman what nationality he is, he'll tell u Irish not British, same goes if u ask that same question to a Scotsman or Welshman, only when you get to England is it a different story, when the white gentleman is asked He will respond English, when asking the ethnic gentleman he'll say British. Those of us whom are English will say English on the basis of Britain is 4 country's, England is one true nation. Us English find being called Brit or British Racist on the basis were not welsh, scotish or Irish.
Its almost like being called a paki, the abbreviation of a country, If paki is a racist word then so is Brit, Yank, Aussie a sheep shagger.
As in.

Call me Brit or British again and expect a punch in the chops.
Im English, not British you racist!

(Britain used to mean great, now it means free government hand out to anyone who can get here!)
by SixHorns November 16, 2009
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