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A girl of wonder
A girl who is and always will be beautiful

some people would say she is stuck up and conceited, but really they're all just jealous of her looks and amazingness

No one can beat her personality and how kindhearted she is.
Girl 1: "Oh look it's Bristin! There are no words to describe her amazingness!!"

Girl 2: "I'm so jealous!"

Girl 1: "Of course you are, it's Bristin!!"
by KJH Student April 14, 2010
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Derived from the root "brist" (to break or burst).
Name of a rare toxic (yet beautiful) Brazilian plant, most commonly found near Amazon river shores. Destructive to touch; insects burst when they land on it.
Also may be used to describe a heart breaker.
by Katie Hoy November 04, 2008
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