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This is a group of seedy people your friend hangs out with when he is not hanging out with you or your primary friend group. You wonder how your friend came to be acquainted with these people and how he could possibly enjoy their company. Oftentimes, your friend is admittedly embarrassed that he is associated with his Bridge Friends. Bridge Friends are generally shady people you don't want to be around.They are also typically slow, have terrible senses of humor, and often wear jean shorts. These are the type of people you would expect to hang out under a bridge.
Friend 1: "Where is Jerry?"
Friend 2: "He said he is going to some underground luau with his Bridge Friends."
Friend 3: "Those guys are creepy, I don't know why he hangs out with them."
by DOMac March 28, 2015
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Someone who is friends with two people before they engage in a relationship, and who remains friends with both people throughout the relationship (inc a breakup).

The "bridge" between the two, socially. When a problem, such as a breakup, develops between the two, the bridge friend is the one who gets all the awkward questions the two in the relationship don't have the stones to ask each other.
Adam: Dude what's up with you?
Bret: Uh, Cathy collared me and started asking a bunch of questions about Dylan and why he won't return her calls.
Adam: Ouch, sucks to be the bridge friend!
Bret: Too right!
by Sid _P July 08, 2009
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