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A damn Thicc Boi with immense powers never see before.
They are also extremely sexy to the point where just by looking at them will make you lose your virginity.
There have only been 6 recorded Bricky Boi's in history.
1)Alex Jones
2)Simon cowell
5)Nick Frost
6)Serj Tankian
Guy 1: Its no use were all doomed

Guy 2: wait no here comes a Bricky Boi
(as a Bricky Boi flies in from the clouds and destroys earth with his Thicc Boimageddon, destroying earth making sure no one will ever die again)

They can also create marble statues of Stalin from their bare hands.
by Cautous (cautious was taken) October 02, 2018
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This is a Lego brick, usually red, which is very painful to step on. It is also an endearing term and can be used in place of the phrases: an awesome thing, a good thing, a cool thing, hello, ayyyyy. It is a kind of street greeting.
Ayyyy that bricky boiii thoooo
by IShatOnYourLawn February 18, 2018
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