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A nickname given to Brick Township Nj otherwise known as Brick, Nj located in northern Ocean County, and considered part of the "jersey shore". The exact origin for this nickname is not 100% known, but it was widely used by brick youth in the early 2000's who rode atv's, dirtbikes, and went 4 wheeling in neighboring towns like Manchester and Jackson as a seemed attempt to identify with a rural/country lifestyle. This also correlates with the fact that many summer vacationers from more urban areas of northern NJ, and New York City as well as it's surrounding areas in New York state that frequent Brick and the rest of the shore in the warmer months (known as "bennies") have always referred to the local population as "hicks" a clear indication that many vacationers from the north thought themselves superior due to the proximity of their primary residence to New York City. Ironically most locals of the shore area are first, second, and third generation transplants of the same Northern Nj/New York City area. The use of the "Bricktucky" moniker by the local youth seemed to be an embrace of a stereotype given to them to show they are not ashamed of who they are as well as an embrace of some activities and slight lifestyle variances that they didn't share with the vacationers from the north. Ironically the name Bricktucky grew in popularity around the area and is now used by locals as well as northerners who have caught on to the term and still use it as an intended insult.

"you know bro, just ridin and drinkin some beers and shit all weekend, regular Bricktucky type shit."

"Those fuckin bennies think they're so tough I let this kid from Yonkers try to ride my banshee and he flipped it into the trees, then all he did was make excuses like my bike didn't run right and cried cuz he has a scratch on his face and a stain on his bullshit Yankee hat, talking like "now how am I gonna talk to girls at bamboo tonight??" Motherfuckers from Bricktucky know how to ride and we love talking to girls with cuts and scratches from riding, fucking fags!"

Northern Nj/ New Yorker :

"yeah we're headin down the shore for mdw gonna hit the Beach then Seaside. We're gonna take the parkway down to exit 89 and shoot through Bricktucky then get on 35 and head south."

Those kids that live down there are fucking hicks cuz. Fuckin Bricktucky I seen some girl in the wawa wearing pajama pants and she didn't even have any makeup on. I mean who does that? And all them dudes down there they think they know what's up, I asked one of them if he heard the new Wiz Khalifa album and he said he only listens to rock, what a pussy! Oh shit cuz run I just seen a spider, damn now I got a scuff on my new Jordans, my day is ruined!"
by johnjohnmf January 25, 2015
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