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i've been waiting 2 years for games and i have to wait another year for scripting. A successor to Bloxcity, Brickplanet is based on roblox but not based enough to be sued by roblox. this is why its still alive.
Brickplanet is so cool, ITS ONLY IN ALPHA BE PATIENT!!

"its been 3 fucking years"
by howHorrifying July 11, 2018
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A game that is thought to be copied by "ROBLOX" but no,It is inspired as the official owner said and proved.A new online game that you can trade,play games,post on walls,customize you character,hard achievements *makes it fun*,events,they are lots to be done in Brick Planet,what will it become?
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by DWIHBP March 08, 2018
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A newly developed game by a handsome guy named ‘Isaac Hymer’! It’s cheaper and more fun to play than shitty ROBLOX!
It also has more features and doesn’t hash out everything you fucking say!
ROBLOXIAN: Eww What the #### is th##?!?
PLANETARIAN: The best game development platform that was ever created!
ROBLOXIAN: Is it free to play?
PLANETARIAN: Brick Planet is more free than crappy ROBLOX!
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by Spicy_Memes_4_Edgy_Teens April 22, 2018
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A community driven game, that runs similar to the game roblox, which powers imagination, brick planet, is as well the same, and you can games, shirts, pants, ect , the possibilities are endless, though it is discraced a lot for being a “clone” of rob,ox, roblox can’t sue brick planet as theres nit enough clear evidence of “stealing” or plagiarism, although brick planet was doing well in late 2017 and early 2018 it was, sadly shut down from chargeback fraud on Augest 30th 2018, this game in opinion, was thought to br better then roblox as it had a second currency, which robloc at the time doesn’t have, as they removed there second currency (tix/tickets)
Brickplanets shut down may not be permanent, but brick planet will always live on, as a legend and memory.
Did you hear about the new game called brickplanet
by lolsegull August 30, 2018
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