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A truly Beautiful girl Inside & out who has such a large heart for others, can make you smile on your worst days, Loves God is a proud Christian. She has strong beliefs and won't let other people change her. Her eyes and smile melt your heart when you see her. She is a person you can't forget once you meet. The kind of person who can change your life; A blessing to have as a friend.
Fearfully and wonderfully made; That's Brianna Marie.
by LKP2015 November 18, 2010
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A Brianna Marie is a girl who is all about her business. She hates childish men or just men in general for that matter. She might come off as mean but it’s only a defense mechanism to filter out stupid people. She’s exceptionally smart,strong minded, super intelligent, and beautiful. She’s also a devout Christian or extremely religious but she can also kick your ass if you mess with her. A Brianna Marie doesn’t attract many men because they dont know how to deal with a real woman like her. Any guy would be the luckiest man in the world if he had the chance to be with her. Physically strong and mentally, but she also has a feminine side to her too. She’s not afraid to stick up for her family, friends, and beliefs. She either has red, blonde, or brown curly hair. She is sassy and very independent. She won’t be fake with you if she doesn’t like you. A Brianna Marie loves animals and won’t ever be unfaithful to those she deeply loves and cares about. Get yourself a Brianna Marie
Jon: I need a real woman.
Kevin: You need a Brianna Marie in your life then!
by Phonystark December 31, 2017
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