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Best rugby player ever.
A hero and inspiration.
Loves heino.
Known as BOD, Drico etc...
example 1
Munster fan 1: i wish we had someone as good as BOD on our team.
munster fan 2: same. then we might actually be in the heineken cup.

example 2
paul o'connell: i wish i was brian o'driscoll

example 3
d4 1: was at krystle last noight with the goys. you'll never guess who i saw.
d4 2: omg who?
d4 1: drico!
d4 2: omg no way.
d4 1: uh huh.
d4 2: what was he loike?
d4 1: don't know mon didn't tolk to him, but he was drinking heino.
d4 2: fock ye mon!
by Ronan 'ROG' O'Gara May 14, 2011
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