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A walking contradiction/scrooge of the worst kind, they’ll not only expect you to work for peanuts or even free… in fact they’ll believe that you should pay them for the Honor of being able to work with them on their project, and be prepared to do all the work their way (The WRONG way). They’ll pretend that they are intelligent/qualified and that you should listen to “Their Expert Advice”, yet their own kids won’t even have them help with a Lemonade stand, as they know that it’ll be a F#@K- up.

They also know “EVERYTHING” (even what you had for breakfast last Tuesday), so don’t try to correct them, as there really is no hope.
Wow! That guy must be a real Scrooge; no he’s a Brian Co@ts

The Federal Reserve Bank gets their Crooked orders from Brian Co@ts

The “Church-Mouse” was once an employee of BrianCo@ts
by ChurchMouse October 29, 2011
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