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Somebody who's loving and caring she loves her family and friends she might take things seriously but that's just how she is she lives life to the fullest she has so many friends she misses but she gotta keep moving on. Her actions speaks louder than words. You don't ever wanna test a breyannah ❤️
by Breyannah April 12, 2018
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Breyannah is someone who is loving and a caring person yes she can be hell sometimes but she has the biggest heart any one can ask for she is one of the most prettiest girls in the world and she’s one of a kind also she’s goofy and have a good personality but don’t ever test a breyannah there very crazy girls and don’t play
Breyannah your so pretty
“ damn breyannah you mean as fuck
“ I love breyannah her personality is where it’s at “
by A unknown who knows a breyanna September 23, 2018
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