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N. - when you open the refrigerator or cooler or wherever you keep your beer and discover there is only one left. I.e. the Last of the Brewhicans.

N. - When a group of you and your closest friends or brohicans are drinking brewhicans, while watching the Last of the Mohicans.
Bryson - Dude, there's only one fuckin' beer left?!
Josh - Yeah man! It's 'the Last of the Brewhicans!'

Josh - Hey Gwaves, you there?!
Graves - Yup?!
Josh - You got any beer in there?! I just drank the last of the brewhicans in here! Mind if I get a couple?!
Graves - Sure thing guy! C'mon over!
Josh - Thanks brohican! Ill be over in a minute! The Last of the Mohicans is about to end!
by JoshFire November 16, 2012
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