One of the two members of the iconic YouTube duo
Twosetviolin. He is a violinist and YouTube comedian. Brett is the one with glasses, who plays the son in Twoset’s comedy sketches when Eddy Chen plays the Asian Mom character.
Brett Yang was hilarious in Twoset’s new video.
by Ling Ling wannabe October 28, 2019
A wonderful classical musician who plays the violin really skillfully, with an intellectual sense of humor, extremely down to earth despite his amazing achievements, has a great sense of compassion and empathy, has a bubbly and friendly personality that anyone can adapt with, one look and you can immediately feel that he is a kind person, screams husband-material all the way, a loyal and trustworthy bestfriend who will support you with whatever you do as long as it's not related to the viola
Mom: You need to find a good husband.

Me: You mean a Brett Yang?
Mom: You're not good enough for him. Find better friends first at least.

Me: You mean a Brett Yang.. too..
by riikaajeluuuu September 6, 2020