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A magical place where one can find all sorts of interesting people and mind altering substances, from simple alcohol to DMT. It is always hot inside. It is ruled with benevolence by King Kjarlsenn. However, watch for his liege man, The Earl of the Fjorth Flore. To the east of Brett one can find Demarest, a land said to contain the mythical creature known as the hipster.
Man 1: What the hell is Brett Hall?
Man 2: I have no fucking clue.
by Modhet Thastei November 18, 2010
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Dates every girl around here to get over the fact that he can’t get with the one he wants. Man whore. Doesn’t make the baseball team. Wears a letter jacket with nothing on it. Plays the sidelines in football. Gassed up Pontiac, kinda looks gay with his hair. Fake ear piercings. Actually a fuckboy, definition of fuck boy. Cologne smells like ass.
Girl 1 : He is an asshole
Girl 2 : you’re right, he was talking to both of us at the same time.

Girl 1: totally, such a brett hall move
by Smoky mountain hoes May 14, 2018
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