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An absolute fat cunt who can usually be found wearing jeans, Jordan’s, a flat cap with a sticker still on and an adidas originals shirt at his sons Saturday morning cricket game. Brent is known for his vast collection of Jordan’s and often makes his sons, Josh and Brodie, clean the soles as a punishment. Not only is he known for his shoe fetish but also his great parenting as he forces his children to sleep at sun down. It is also notable to mention his intimidative use of slang that has been passed down upon his sons. For instance: the ‘one-two mayweather’, and ‘I’ll test your chin’ or ‘Fuck up bro’. These aggressive statements have been known to be the centrepiece in his sons ruthless rise to fame at high school.
“Fuck Shunna did u see Brent Watson at the 14th 11 cricket game this weekend. He was rockin an absolutely fresh pair of OVO Jordan 1’s.”
by Lord Diesel May 27, 2019
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