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The biggest douche on Myspace roleplay. He steals innocent people's boyfriends, and tries to call out other roleplayers that claim to be guys, as girls. He doesn't have feelings, and he's heartless. He likes to think that he is the ~GOD~ of roleplay, but frankly, he's just another asshole. He believes that people who have a religion do no have common sense. He's good with HTML,PHP scripts, and CSS. He has a layout site. And his real name is Anthony Ashcraft. More like Anthony Asshole. He's recently changed his name to: Gaston Beezy. And he was formerly known as Panda Paul, or PaulPaulShake.
Person 1: "Wow, did you see Brent Mayhem's bulletin? He tried to call out that one guy as a GIRL!"
Person 2: "Yeah, I know he's a douche."
by roleplaychick June 19, 2009
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