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Within any form of communication, the use of racially demeaning language is appropriate and politically correct if and only if:

1. The perpetrator (insultee)has a premeditated desire to have the recipient(insulted)recieve the slur (LAW OF PRESENCE)

2. both the perpetrator and the recipient are on a relationship past the acquaintance level.(LAW OF ACQUAINTANCE)
Example 1:
Asian Joe: stop waiting for the change you stupid kike.

Jewish Josh: eh.
(Internal thought process: I am not offended by this since I am both present, and more than just acquainted with Joe)

Example 2: (Joe and Brennan outside the presence of Josh)
Asian Joe: Josh is such a fucking kike. he sat and waited for a penny for 5 minutes.

Irish Brennan: Your rascist.

Example 3: (Joe in a Barmitzvah)

Josh: Joe, I want you to meet my friend Steve.

Asian Joe: Awesome! now I get to add another kike and Josh can stop being such a token.

Steve: (Internal Thought Process: You rascist son of a bitch)
by Asian Joe January 23, 2005
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