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Brendan, a young talanted guy who has amazing hair, eyes and body! He has a great personality like no other, he's nice, friendly and is always in a happy mood. He loves to skate and surf aswell as the occasional work out.

Isabel is an amazing girl. She has a lovely smile, hair and eyes. She is super nice and is always there for anyone in need. Her personality makes the world better every day. She has a very cheerful personality but is shy at times when around others she doesnt know very well, but as you get to know her, that changes. Isabel also likes to skate and surf, just like Brendan she is also a talanted soccer, tennis player aswell as an excellent runner.
The two people together are just such cuties! They have alot in common which brings the two more closer together. If you know these two gorgeous people, you are privlaged. If not, go out and find them because you will not meet anyone as wonderful as Brendan or Isabel !!!!
*Brendan and Isabel hook up whilst in spa at a party*
Friend 1: pass me the water gun
Friend 2: passes them around
*squirts water*
*Brendan and Isabel look up and both smile at friends*

Friends: Ayeeeeeeeee! Get in !
Friend 3: gives them a balloon (aka condom)
Brendan: hmm, that is probably more your size
*Then returns making out with Isabel once again*

Hehehehehe ;) true story !
by I am tha beast !! January 08, 2012
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