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The act of brehs keeping their conversations short.
"Breh." This one word displays the brehvity of a conversation between brehs.

Normal guy conversation:
Guy 1: "Hey man! I was wondering if you had plans tongiht? I remember you saying that your were free?"
Guy 2: "Hey buddy! You're correct, I'm free tonight and I don't really have anything planned. Why were you thinking of doing something?"
Guy 1: "Yeah man! I was hitting up this one chick and she said she has a single friend. They want go out and drink with us tonight! You down?"
Guy 2: "You know me buddy!! What does she look like by the way? Like, do you think I'd dig her? She hot?"
Guy 1: "Yeah I saw her earlier bro, she's pretty cute man. Hourglass figure with a really pretty face. Plus she puts out."
Guy 2: "Alright man, count me in! We're getting lucky tonight haha!"
Guy 1: "Hell yeah!"
Guy 2: "Yayah!"

Brehvity in Breh's conversation:
Breh 1: "Yo!"
Breh 2: "Sippin!"
Breh 1: "Girls?"
Breh 2: "Word!"
The two breh's head to the bar in search of sluts.
by McHesp March 20, 2017
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