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She is the sweetest, kindest, most selfless girl who ever walked the planet. She does everything with others in mind. A true friend, she's always got your back, no matter what the situation is. Fiercely loyal, she is the best person to have on your team. She can dance up a storm, beat your ass at trivia, drink you under the table and make you laugh like you've never laughed before. She's wicked smart, too! Genius caliber. Got a question about celebrities, makeup, math, science...whatever? Guaranteed she's got the answer. LOVE THIS GIRL!
1) Damn, that girl's such a Breehan. Good at everything and perfect in every way.

2) Those assholes from Aurora totally fucked her over, but thank God she's Breehan. She's way better off without those lying, self obsessed egomaniacs.
by LailaCL September 03, 2012
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