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A member of the ghey website In early 2009, a group of regulars made a one-day excursion to break. After the short exodus to break, the ebaummers went back to their regular post, EBW. However, the people at were extremely butthurt that anyone dared to break up their sausage fest, and have continued to troll the ebaums comment boards and forums. Clearly inferior to the ebaummers, the breakfags then resorted to making multiple accounts and spamming the boards with random "gore" photos and various tranny porn ( obviously homemade by breakfags, due to their preference for penis even in their choice of women/men ) The trolling continues even to this day, as apparently trolling ebaumsworld is superior to spending time on their own website.

To identify a breakfag, one just looks for: staining of fingers with cheese doodle residue, a large amount of empty Mountain Dew bottles, a large bulbous ass from sitting on a plastic-covered couch that mom tells them to keep their feet off of and empty paper plates that mom uses to feed them corndogs and pizza rolls.

The usual environment of the breakfag ( breakfagus unemployudous ) is almost always the basement of their parents house. They rarely venture outside as the sun will blind them and their pasty white translucent skin will burn if exposed to actual sunlight.

When encountering a breakfag, it is wise to just ignore them, as repeated interaction with a breakfag will cause them to become aroused and once that happens it is nearly impossible to get rid of them. The mating call of the breakfag is a "dawging" which is somewhat like a pwning, only more retarded. They even have a site dedicated to "dawging" which they apparently use for masturbation fodder.

They are almost extinct, and as soon as the party van makes its rounds and Chris Hansen pays a visit to their homes, they will eventually fade from history.
ebaumer: Hey sup! Wasn't that video funny?

breakfag: Your gay. I fucked your mom. insert tranny porn pic here

ebaumer: Jesus. Are you breakfags STILL here trolling?

breakfag: OOOh.. I just dawged you. FAP-FAP-FAP-FAP
by MaxRhino February 02, 2009
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