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Breadgina is a sexual "move", much like the 69'er or The Rock's "People's elbow". The move became fashionable in New Cross, Lewisham during the latter end of 2011 due to the high rate of lower socio-economic residents. The breadgina requires the female lover to obtain a yeast infection, this can be throught the process "breading" with which bread sticks are inserted vaginally in order to induce the yeast infection. When the yeast infection thrives, additional bread sticks (or flour) and milk are added. Leave your lover to proof (this process is essential for the bread). After proofing, enter your lovers newly baked breadgina to experience soft breaded sex.
"My shorty and I made a breadgina last night,"
"Whats that"
"Bread vagina"
"Whats it like?"
"Is that good?"
"What fucker doesnt like bread?"
by Inconvenience Man December 07, 2011
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