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Being attracted to only bri the most wonderful person you will meet who can break the toughest guys into a blush with her pretty smile her amazing voice and how perfect she is for you
Me:I’m Bre-sexual and there’s no regret it’s the best kind of attraction
Friend:*meets bri* I think I’m brisexual too
Me:*kills friend because only one can be brisexual*
by Lokiwild March 28, 2019
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Relating to a person that is the sexual exception to a person and/or couple's sexual orientation and/or monogamy/polyamory.

Example: a girl that is straight but fools around with only 1 girl, a straight boy that fools around with only 1 boy, or a couple that is monogamous except for one particular person
A"I thought you two weren't swingers"
"We aren't. But we are bresexual"
by Ohwhatchamacallit July 22, 2014
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