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Person who resides on the Braunstone estate in Leicester, Most typical houses are required to have at least 6 kids with different dads for extra points, a burnt out car or drive a shitty nova 1.2 with bean can Exhaust with lexus style lights with a tinny stereo. Car must be worth no more than £150 sterling and have at least £755 of wank styling. Hanging around sharing one fag with 20 mates and half a bottle of perno goes down a treat of an evening. Language is varied, ranging from "oi mistarrr gis a faggg" to "innit batty man yeah innit wot". Ugly Bints are everywhere (a repellent spray is being produced) its called (work), the more benifits you have the higher you are respected, having no kids by the prime age of 14 is a Braunite sin as you have to have at least 2 kids by 14 and 4 by 18, while claiming every benefit under the fucking sun.
Look at that stinking fucking braunite with her 7 kids and not working, mmmmmm nice house with trademark smouldering shell on the front garden, look at mercedes and Tiffinanyany Mcclaren playing on the road (nobs! makes yah wanna move country it does)
by Bob the pirate August 08, 2004
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