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The sort of boy who will make you smile uncontrollably. The sort of boy you want to spend the rest of your life with once you've met him as nobody else could compare. He will comfort you even if he doesn't understand why you are crying. He will defend you because he never wants to see you hurting. A Brantly also has a opposite side. That side will tease you and pick little fights because he enjoys winding you up. Usually after these little fights he'll smile and hold your face, kiss your lips and tell you you're beautiful.

Brantly's are extremely rare. As are most boys with a perfect personality and looks to match. These looks usually include; big, brown eyes; long, dark hair; freckles; gorgeous lips and an insanely hot body.

Brantly's are also renown for how good they are in bed and how they can make any girl a quivering mess in a matter of minutes.
''I'm off on a date tonight''
''With who?''
''Brantly McGee''
by Pukkablues May 07, 2013
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