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A guy like Brandon will have his eyes on you and only you at all times. He will love you beyond death forever and always.

He's just so handsome. He's built with a huge dick. His dick is so big that it feels like it's going all the way through you. He will nurture you, care for you, feed you, and love you no matter what. Oh and ps, he won't ever let you buy anything. Even if you have your wallet out & are looking for money, he'll throw his money down first.
"BrandonA is so handsome"
by Ominous heat March 14, 2017
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A small, imp-like homophobic gay that always has dry cum on his chin.
“Did u see what he did to her? That’s what I call giving a good Brandon a birthmark!”
by AlexLibro October 29, 2018
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