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Discrimination or prejudice based on military branch.
Examples of being Branchist (Excludes Coast Guard and Air Force):
Army: "I'm pretty sure I just saw a marine chug some crayons."
Army: "Them Navy in those whites looks like some seagulls."
Marine: "That one of them sardines?"
Marine: "Army's motto is "This we'll defend" because they can't conduct successful offenses"
Navy: "*fish noises*"
Navy: "Did those ground-pounders take a bath yet?"
Navy: "We birthed the Marines"
by C'Dot March 01, 2019
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When a member of one military branch exposes or exaggerates issues with another military branch in a derogatory or fun loving way.
Marine: "At least I didn't take the easy way out like those Coast Guard pussies "

Civilian: "Hey man, that's a branchist of you..."
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