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Usually a term used to describe wannabe gangsters residing in the suburb city of Brampton, Ontario, Canada. Brampton is a city where many rich people live with houses starting at $500,000 and is not considered a ghetto or a "hood" Many rich youngsters in this area are usually very confused about their life and try to follow a hood/ghetto lifestyle. These youngsters usually that act like "gangsters" or "gangstaz" are usually/mostly of South Asian, Caribbean and sometimes white descent and act like gangstas repping the city of Toronto even though they are not from there. Many of these kids drive their parents cars, get money from their parents and buy things that portray them as gangstaz. Real hood youngins from Toronto consider Brampton "gangstas" as waste youtes and wannabes. Brampton "gangstas" usually have a distinct look to them. Many of them have multiple piercings on ears, eyebrows, nose, lip, nipple. They also go to the spa and line their eyebrows up alongside with skinny or baggy jeans that are sagging, irrelevent gang tattoos on their skin. Haircuts can be anything with bangs. The Brampton gangsta usually starts fights or "beef" but are scared of real gangs in Toronto. The average wannabe "gangsta" teen from Brampton speaks distinct form of slang like this:
Brampton Brampton Thug #1: Yo bro lets go to bramalea mall guy heard theres mad girls ova there yo!
Brampton Brampton Thug #2: Na guy i chopped two bitches over there yo i got shanked n shit still by dat girl Hardeeps brothers and shit still

Brampton Brampton Thug #1: Fuck dawgg imma blood n shit yo *does ugly crip walk*
by rEALDUDE101 June 30, 2013
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