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Braishfield is a small shithole of a village situated in hampshire in the united kingdom. the population is mainly made up of miserable old cunts or fuck annoying toddlers. there are few teen children in Braishfield, because the have all fled to better, less shitty places.

The best part of Braishfield is the pond; there is a bitchy woman who lives next to it, and she gets pissed of really easily.

Braishfield has been compared to the sleepy village from the fim 'hot fuzz', just without the cool guns and shit.

You would be better living off somewhere more exciting like north korea as fun things actually happen there.

Braishfield is shit, i would know; i have to live there.
Person 1: have you been to any shithole lately?
person 2: yeah, braishfield. it was almost as bad as when i screwed your sister.
person 1: FUCK MAN
by God_On_Earth October 31, 2011
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