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An all encompassing term used in rebuttal to a political point made accusing a group of people of being brainwashed. (eg. brainwashed liberals, brainwashed fox news watchers). Used tongue in cheek to suggest that anyone subscribing to any mainstream ethos is brainwashed, yet by using the term "normal" acknowledges the lack of sanity of any point being made in the rebuttal.
All you brainwashed normals will never acknowledge the real cause of our suffering is due to the Morlocks of Middle Earth secretly controlling all world governments. We have to dig to the core of the Earth and take them over with force and stop concerning ourselves with distractions such as poverty and global war.

Of course you don't believe fluoridation of water is the greatest communist plot of all time to destroy capitalist, your a brainwashed normal.
by Manny the Builder July 27, 2016
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