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1. Also known as BPD for short.
2. A problem, where the brain becomes overloaded with information, and is unable to process things properly. The effects, things, such as speech, concentration, and learning.

So far, there is no known reason what causes it. It can happen to anyone, at any age. It is different for everyone, but usually not constant. It comes and goes.

A person, who has frequent BPD, almost always has trouble trying to explain something. They will struggle to get the information out. Their mind will go blank, due to what is known as Brain Fog.

Lack in concentration.
Long pauses when trying to speak.
Mixing incorrect words, such as calling things by the wrong name.

Unable to think clearly.
May seem naive.

Possible Causes:
Too much thinking.
Struggling with everyday stuff, such as saying everyday things, due to Brain Processing Disorder. Many things, that should be obvious, are not.

Sometimes, when people speak to you, you can not understand them, as if they were speaking another language.
by Foxface August 06, 2012
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