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Dont be fooled, he may seem nice at first, but really he is the biggest cheater on the face of the plannet. Although he may be charming, and kinda cute, he is probably cheating on you right now as you are reading this. he had a reallly cool girl that he met on the beach, but he screwed that all up when he decided to screw his "best friend" four days before asking the girl from the beach out. He also enjoys having phone sex with really fat girls, and taking home freshman.. even though its "no big deal". He is really good at leadiing girls on, but as soon as they like him, he is already on to the next one. Oh and dont forget, hes incredibly full of himself, one of the many LOVELY traits about him.
-BradVirgiin- "hey, can i have a picture of your *****"
-BradVirgiin- "Let's have sex... and not tell Lex."
by Jancole Pattersally May 29, 2011
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