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A pretty litty dude who basically made a diss track on the entire education system in his song Don't Stay In School. He can also rap 301 words in 50. Oh yeah, almost forgot...... HE FUCKING DESTROYED RICEGUM.
Teacher: Time for morning announcements class

Student: Oh look, Boyinaband's new song is playing
*Don't stay in school plays*

Teacher: Shit... *Dies*
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by fortnite_ignite June 09, 2018
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David Paul "Dave" Brown (born 24 August 1987), better known online as Boyinaband, is an English YouTuber and musician. He is best known for his diss called Don't Stay in School, in which he criticizes the school systems for teaching subjects that aren't important and also states in the song that he wants them to teach how to survive in this world. He is also in a band called You and What Army, who are currently on hiatus. He also made a collaboration with Theodd1sout called Life is Fun and a collaboration with Jaiden Animations called Empty. His sister Hannah also has a YouTube channel called "WhiteEnglishGirl".
"Banks can crash and capitalism is flawed" ~Boyinaband in Life is Fun.
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by Reader, TV and music girl 2004 November 24, 2018
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