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the act of being indecisive about the boy you other means going back and forth between multiple guys that dont even mean much to you anyways...never finding happiness because you cant make up your fucking mind
billy:yeah sally was with john the other night

bobby: wait isnt she going out with leroy?

billy: she cant really decide between them both, she must be boy-polar
by konpaker September 07, 2009
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When one posseses the inability to decide on one romatic interest- in this case, of the male variety. Includes frequently changing one's mind about which boy one wants to be with.
1. Katie: OMG. I just got a text from Matt, he is going to meet me at the bar tomorrow night.
Cailee: Wait, I thought you had a date with Craig, that you were super excited about.
Katie: No, I think I like Matt- he’s witty.
Cailee: ugh… you are so boy-polar!

2. Katie is boypolar, last night she liked Craig, this morning she woke up with Matt.

by Gigi,Katie,Tami,Cailee May 22, 2008
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Extreme mood swings and change of opinion of a boyfriend due to relationship upheaval or drama.
Amanda, yesterday you loved Andrew, this morning you wanted to break up with him and now you're sad because you think he's going to break up with you? Stop being so boypolar!
by OVSkankHo July 17, 2011
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adj. having a crush or mulitple crushes that are constantly changing
yesterday, she liked russell but today she hates him, she likes jon now. gosh she's so boypolar!
by rorothepenguin September 29, 2009
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