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The trademark pose that nearly all boy bands feel they need to do. At first this move seems innocent yet there is advanced physics involved.

The basic idea is that at least 2 members of a boy band will lean arm around each other.

Legend says that the art of the lean multiplies the boy band effect, and creates a boy band gravitational field.

When all members members lean against each other it is known as a "perfect lean" and the power created is equivalent to the number of members multiplied by 1.5.

During a perfect lean it is said that the band is no longer reliant on regular gravity and that they create their own force of nature that defies thermodynamics. Their microphones, scarves and jewellery will actually be attracted to the centre of the lean.
"Just watch take that perform the boy band lean"

"my god, it's a perfect lean"
by eznow May 16, 2010
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