The art and/or sport of blindly running into people with a cardboard box on your head.


1. Go to a large, open field with 4+ friends. Bring large cardboard boxes that, if placed on the head, would reach down to one's lower torso/waist.

2. Everyone get into a large circle, facing each other

3. All participants place a large cardboard box on their head. Brace front of the inside of the box with your arms, so that if you are in a full-on collision, you will not get a head injury.


The intenseness of this sport is from the adrenaline of never knowing when you're going to be hit. Peeking out of the bottom of your box at times of rest is permitted AT YOUR OWN RISK.

I am not liable for any injuries that happen due to this definition. :D
While Adam, Daniel, Todd, and I were boxboxing last weekend, Adam hit Daniel and Daniel was so un-prepared that he was airborne for five feet.
by KillerOfBlueberries November 10, 2009
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High elo Leauge Of Legends streamer, considered by many one of the best riven players in the world. Infamous for his osu and DDR skillz as well as his countless smurf accounts.
gg boxbox is smurfing at silver elo playing this broken champ again, better go cry to the forums
by Rolfcopter_Extreme May 31, 2014
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