An offensive move performed by one female onto another female, usually a forceful blow by foot, leg or hand to the womans genitalia area. Whether on purpose or by accident.

A move NO man should ever try on a woman!

In the original Mortal Kombat game, there is a move by Johnny Cage called Ball Breaker where he does the spilts and punches his male opponent in the balls. This move did not work on female opponents (showed animation but no damage). This is what one would call a Box Crusher.
Jules and Miranda got into a huge cat fight, pulling each others hair and punching each other. Jules nails caught Mirandas left eye and made her furious. Miranda turned around and swiftly gave Jules a Box Crusher with her foot. Jules was crouched over in agony.
by Wrigleys Gumchewz July 10, 2014
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