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Pronounced (bowl)-(lit). Early 80's haircut. Bowl cut + Mullet = Bowlet.
The magnitude of that bowlet is off the charts.
by LouieC September 24, 2008
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A mix of the hairstyles a bowl cut and a mullet. Usually resulting in a very wierd obnoxious guys trying to act cool. Usually people with bowlets don't wash their hair and grease pile up in the back. This is called bullet juice. If you see a guy with a bullet, don't befriend him.
Did you see that guy? He had a major bowlet oh man its worse than a redneck mullet!
by 182 fan June 03, 2011
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a hair cut that is the combination of a bowl cut and a mullit, usually found on younger kids of the 90's. Occasionally found on red necks.
Whoa, look at that bowlet, someone needs to shave that off.
by wallflower7200 August 03, 2008
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