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any short caucasian man with a large chin and an extremely full moustache (see the Pringles can label). This homosapien brags about his accomplishments on his Bowflex workout system. He can also be seen trying to take his fellow peers overtime slots to increase his already full bank account
a)Bowflex Bill had a spill, Bowflex Bill had a spill. Sexy Flexy, Sexy Flexy.

b)Bowflex Bill said he has a "hurry chest".

c)Bowflex Bills wife has "hurry narples", and he has to wear "gargles" when changing his battery.
by XdfX September 30, 2007
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Insignificant little man with a low self-esteem that makes himself feel bigger by rooting for the Dallas Cowboys, growing a ridiculously large mustache and bragging about his Bowflex.
That guy is such a redneck and a Bowflex bill.
by skinsfan October 23, 2007
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