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A pleasant middle class town on one side. A chavy BNP loving scumbag-filled craphole on the other. This mix of culture creates afluent well articulated people becoming gangsta. Regular haunts include the parks, both by the memorial hall and on Old Dean. Anyone looking for anything to stick up there nose should visit these places first. The mix of culture is leading to a rise in crime in the area with hard working individuals being stolen from by a lazy few. Recently BNP leaflets were delivered around the village and a banner was put up near the pub known as "the half way house". This is where most of these racist douchebags preside. These banners were quickly torn down, however, by two local boys who were disgusted at the behaviour of their fellow villagers. The village is also infamous in local hemel due to the "Bovy Bus". This occurs just before and just after school, and sees a group of young hooligans being transported from Bovingdon to Hemel, or vice-versa. There is a regular struggle for domination over the bus which is currently held by the year 11 students from Hemel School.
A: "Where you going with those racist attitudes and money for drugs?"
B: "Bovingdon, of course"
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