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Bovine-Bingo is a "country" gambling sport, seen at county fairs, etc., and often used for fundraising. Tickets are sold for each of 100 or even more squares marked by chalk lines in a pipe-corral which also functions as the bleachers. It cost $5 per square at Mule Days in Bishop CA 15 years ago. You do not know where your square is until after you buy it, and then find the markers or map if you can. Your square is picked at random. The cow is led in, and the "fun" begins. The crowd roars, cheers, and jeers like a Hee-Haw skit. Once Bessie un-asses her cow-pie, the referee and Line Judge rush in with a scale and shovels, in case Bessie laid it on the line. I didn't win sh!t
I played Bovine-Bingo at the fair but didn't win sh!t!
by Jack Meough May 25, 2012
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An old farm activity, in which people let loose a cow (or sometimes other animal) in a field with squares drawn out, and then bet money on where it will first take a shit. In some versions, people are allowed to try to coax the animal from a distance to try to influence where it takes a dump; in others, it is strictly forbidden.
Person 1 - Life on the farm is so boring!

Person 2 - But at least there's bovine bingo!
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