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A Pre-Track & Field practice activity the long distance runners of Riverhead High School partake in. Bottle Soccer is STRICTLY a Track activity, it is not allowed to be played before Cross Country (pure tradition).

The rules are very complicated:

-Bottle Soccer is played with a water bottle filled 1/4-1/2 with water or what ever liquid is available.

-Similar to soccer in that you must kick (in this case) the water bottle into your opponents goal.

-The game is started with the "drop", where the bottle is dropped in the center of the field. The bottle MUST hit the ground before one kicks it.

-Once the bottle is dropped, the game is in session. It is completely legal to push and shove your opponents.... In fact, it is suggested.

-There are no sidelines

-If the bottle is kicked passed the goal line, but not between the two goal-post lines, the opposing team gets to throw the bottle in. The bottle must land BEFORE the center box for it to be legal.

- If the bottle goes above your knees, it is legal to hit the bottle with your hand, but you can't catch it/hold it (ever been hit in the nuts with a water bottle?).

-If the bottle passes the goal line ABOVE the goalies knees, it does not count as a goal, and a throw in takes place.

-Once the track warm up begins, the game is over and who ever scored the most goals is pronounced the winner.

-Teams are final, and are rarely subject to change.
We totally kicked your ass in bottle soccer today.
by RobertM. June 18, 2009
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A sport devised by members of the Trenton High School cross country team. it consists of the rules rules for goals/goalies and that there are no rules other than that. It is one of the most brutal and demonizing sport ever made. It will attempt to begin a league in the near future.
Bottle Soccer is a violent sport.
by TheWolv March 07, 2010
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