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Hardcore ragie middle school in the geordie town of ashington (aka ashganistan, ashittington, ashingtopia on a good day).
Proper english doenst exist in the school, replaced by the local slang like man how man like....
Pupils kill time by harassing crap english teachers, rioting around hairdressers, setting fire to gas taps, singing advert jingles in class and just generally being better than hirst park.

The year 8 pupils of 2011 are infamous throughout northumberland, striking fear into the hearts of sub teachers and residents of the neighboring bothal cottages. When they aren't at bothal they're most likely out smoking, getting pissed and giving the finger to the rest of the 'civil' world. lol.
An average conversation between two bothal middle school pupils:

Bothal 1: How man, wanna gan get pissed aver at my hoose?

Bothal pupil 2: Alreet. Ya want a tab?

Bothal pupil 1: Aye like *takes cigarette*

Hirst park pupil: ...Wa? *scratches arse*
by zilerobma April 05, 2011
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