Boswollocks was confused for "boswellox" an actual word used for an anti-wrinkle treatment.
When Karl Pilkington mentioned it in a podcast, he and Ricky Gervais were talking about hearing it in an ad for shampoo. Stephen Merchant jokingly referred to it as boswollocks as in "a load of bollocks" because he didn't believe Karl and Ricky but they insisted it was a real word.
What a load of bollocks
The face cream now has boswellox to reduce wrinkles
boswollocks is a made up word
by sun moon November 22, 2011
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Primarily British word meaning "nonsense".

Origin: Coined by Karl Pilkington in 2010 during the Ricky Gervais Guide To... podcast series. Thought to have been confused with "codswallop".
"I think that's a load of boswollocks."
by Al Hummins April 28, 2010
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