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A local folk legend in the rural areas of Louisiana known for his quick wit and hard drinking style and enormous penis. Adored by all that meet him and offten imitated but never duplicated this man is truly an american hero and role model to all that meet him.
Did you see boswine fight that bear? I bet superman wears boswine pajamas to bed, Did you hear that boswine sleeps with a nightlite on because the dark is affraid of boswine, the boogie man checks under his bed for boswine before he goes to sleep
by sexycountrygurl1983 July 15, 2011
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The true definition of a Boswine is a large nosed, often drunk, loud, opinionated, often mistaken for a Jew, drunken friend piss pad, mananger of the Hotel de Whore in Pollock Louisiana where you may sleep with women and stain his Egyptian sheets with your seed, fantasy football Nazi, but all around good guy.
Hey remember that time Ottis put toothpicks under Boswine's wipers because he made out with the girl that just got finished puking in the parking lot?
by PawneePud August 24, 2011
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