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A sexual maneuver in which the male party handcuffs the female partner's wrist to his ankle. The male then proceeds to defecate on the floor while simultaneously dragging the female consort across the floor.

Side note: In most cases the female associate should be unaware of the proceedings until the “flux.” This will cause the partner to struggle, creating the tugboat effect as she is being dragged across the floor.
by William Mallowery January 22, 2011
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when ur girl is suckin you off and just before you blow ur load in her mouth... she bites bown just enough to make it hurt but not bleed, then pulls back hence the name "tug boat"
dude i think i pissed my girl off the other day... we were foolin around and she gave me the boston tug boat
by C-Dubz May 04, 2006
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